Real estate advice
We offer you the finest collection of existing and newly built real estate objects, totally in accordance with your wishes.
Our network makes it possible, even for non-residents, to get a mortgage of 80% on existing real estate. Our network also contains local banks with the finest reputation that can even cover a part of your building costs. You can be assured that all of our partners speak English.
We offer you a wide variety of different insurances to suit your personal requirements.
Building support
If you decide to build your house, it is extremely important for you, living more than 1000 miles away, to know somebody is keeping an eye on the works. We generally do this job by means of digital pictures where you can add your comments. You can see everything and decide about changes in the way of working and the colour, directly from your own home.
We obviously assist you in the whole process from the start till the visit to the notary public. On top of that we organize your electricity, gas and water supply, telephone, registering in the local tax office, your foreigner identification number etc.
House care
If you wish, we can rent your house and collect the rental fees for you. We count with a team of professionals who take care of the maintenance of your house and the renewals too. It is obvious that the maintenance and cleaning of the swimmingpool and garden are also part of our job.
Your stay in Spain
We can also organize your accommodation here in Spain, we check the site and the quality of the accommodation before. If necessary we can show you digital pictures too for you to make a good choice.
Car rental
If you wish, we can organize a rental car for you upon your arrival, at the airport, at very competitive fees.
Everything you want to know about the Costa Blanca
As we have built a very good working network, we can inform you or have you informed about a wide range of topics varying from taxes and legal issues to the culinary aspects of the life on the Costa Blanca.
Do you want to taste the atmosphere while you're on a visit to Spain? Or do you want to rent a luxurious villa for your stay? We offer you a fine collection of houses you can rent.
Do you wish to sell your existing property on the Costa Blanca? We shall take care of the sale with optimal conditions for you. Click here and we shall contact you.
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