Altea Hills

The town of Altea back

The optimistic life of the village, the influence of many cultures through the centuries, the open character of its inhabitants and the mentality of its visitors have always caused a great attraction on artists of all inspirations. Some of them spend their holidays in Altea, others have decided to live here.

Many Spanish and also foreign artists have turned Altea through the years into an important place on the cultural map of Spain. This is why music schools, exhibitions and the town theatre are an essential part of the normal life of Altea.The privileged situation and open, sunny character of Altea attract many people of Northern Europe, this is why in the area of Sierra Bernia you can find lovely resorts with a big variation.

Altea has also a train station of the 'Trenet', the railway between Denia and Alicante. As a real fisher's harbor with all traditions, Altea is highly reputed for its excellent cuisine.

Our description of Altea can't be complete without referring to the old town. The typical churchtowers remind you this old town centre is also a centre of activities. The wide choice of restaurants turns any celebration in this town not only into a cultural but also a culinary event.

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